Project TypeSide Project
Team Size1
LanguageFlash ActionScript 3.0
RoleGame Programmer


Escape The Room is the first game I have ever created. This type of game was popular when I was a child. The player’s goal is to escape an enclosed room by solving puzzles. When I built this game, I knew very little about programming, and it was hard to develop at first. But I gradually found that programming is an enjoyable activity. For me, solving programming problems is like solving puzzles in a game. I also designed puzzles and drew art materials by myself. These experiences gave me plenty of enjoyment.


Game Mechanic Implementation

As a new programmer, making a game was not easy. Fortunately, the mechanism behind this game is not very complicated. All code, including puzzles and inventory, was made up of if-else statements.


Puzzle Design

I like puzzle games and I played many of them while growing up. As such, I have plenty of ideas about puzzles. I drew many puzzles on paper and asked my friends to try them out. After that, I chose some feasible ones to put into my game program. Unfortunately, I lost the original hand-drawn plans.


Art Assets

I needed a large number of art materials for this project. But the resources on the Internet could not be fit together in the scenes very well, making the player’s experience poor, so I decided to draw them myself. I sought the help of a friend who is good at drawing to teach me, and I slowly drew the objects for the game over a few weeks.

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