I am a communicative programmer with a great deal of experience in collaborating with people from different roles. I can think from more than one perspective and make collaboration more efficient. As a programmer with professional experience in software development for almost three years, I can implement many kinds of gameplay features by improving graphics, designing code architecture, and optimizing games efficiently
Currently I am a master's student studying Game & Media Technology at Utrecht University, Netherlands.
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Programming Skills

UE4/UE5 Blueprint
Shell Script

Software / Framework

Unreal Engine
Open GL

Collaboration / Knowledge

Git Flow
Design Pattern
Object Oriented Programming
Data Oriented Programming
UI Programming
Data Structure / Algorithm

Work Experience

Unity Software Engineer
Seekrtech, Taiwan, Jan. 2019 - June. 2021
- Worked on a mobile game from scratch until released in a cross-functional team
- Take responsibility as the major Unity programmer.
- Implemented game mechanics in Unity C# with UniRx, designed architecture and database schema
- Executed project in agile framework, Scrum, scheduling work accurately
- Defined art assets standard, developing level design and UI building tools, improving productivity
- Supported senior Android engineer for a product that impacts over 30 million users, developing new features, AB Testing with UI/UX designer, refactoring code base from Java to Kotlin, fixing bugs
Front-End Engineer (Internship)
Seekrtech, Taiwan, Jul. 2017 - Sep. 2017 / Jul. 2018 - Sep. 2018
- Refactored and maintain a browser extension game, improving performance significantly
- Developed new features for the extension, increasing the number of users by 60,000
- Developed several websites for the company and products with web langauges, and frameworks
- Defined static website skeleton, significantly reducing time for developing a new website
- Implemented new features for the company’s internal system as a full-stack developer, using Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL
Game Developer (Contract)
Pinka, Jan. 2016 - May. 2017
- Designed game mechanics with educational features to teach English vocabulary
- Implemented several significant gameplay features in C# with Unity, such as user input, UI, combat system, and map generation
- Won 1st place in educational digital media competition, which contained over 20 other projects from three different universities eligible for rewards

Project Experience

Gameplay Programmer
Hourglass : Project Norn, Oct. 2017 - May. 2018
- Implemented several significant gameplay features such as player movement, item interaction, and boss AI
- Collaborated with game designer, designing system and keeping it implementable
- Imported shader effects for visual experience, making graphics more lively
- Presented game at largest student exhibition in Taiwan, with over 80,000 people visiting


M.S. in Game & Media Technology
Utecht University, Netherlands, Sep. 2022 - Present
- Advanced programming techniques, specializing in optimizing performance effectively
- Acquired knowledge of neural networks, leveraging AI technology to enhance game development process
- Developed knowledge in computer graphics, including building a GPU ray tracer using C++
- Participated in a research project focused on VR development, utilizing Python to create tools
B.A. in Information Comunication
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, Sep. 2015 - Jul. 2018
- Fundamental computer science, data structure, and algorithm
- Learned mobile app development using Android Studio for Andorid, and XCode for iOS
- Developed a variety of games throughout the academic program
- Specialized in gameplay and game AI programming, contributing significantly to the development and enhancement of game mechanics and AI systems.
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