Project TypeSide Project
Team Size2
LanguageUnreal Blueprint
RoleGameplay Programmer


Escape the Room Remake is a piece I created to practice 3D game development. I remade a 2D Flash game I had previously built, called Escape the Room. In this development project, I used the knowledge I had gained from Ryan Hipple’s speech “Game Architecture with Scriptable Objects” to create a system that enables the program to observe changes in data and react accordingly. I also found that this technique made the program structure easier to maintain. In addition, this was my first game made with the Unreal Engine.



Blueprint is the visual scripting language of Unreal Engine. This language is easy to understand and suitable for fast-track development. With this advantage, I used Blueprint for the primary language of this game, enabling me to focus on understanding the architecture of Unreal Engine.


Data oriented programming

This is a program architecture inspired by Ryan Hipple’s speech. I had wanted to try this on Unity, so I decided to try the Unreal Engine with this project since I wished to gain exposure to the Unreal Engine. I found that it has a function similar to Unity’s ScriptableObject, which stores the state of the game in objects enabling the program to observe state changes and react accordingly. I used this system in my UI design, facilitating the debugging process.


3D Art

For this project, I cooperated with a professional 3D artist and learned a great deal about 3D games from him, such as how the animation of a 3D model is made and how to operate the game engine so that the character can hold different weapons. All this knowledge helped me understand 3D modeling better. I also learned about lighting and postprocessing, which helped me better understand how to apply my computer graphics knowledge to game development.

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