Project TypeSide Project
Team Size3
LanguageUnity C#
RoleGame Programmer



TeruTeruBeru is a game developed by a team of three people, consisting of two programmers and one 2D artist. The game was created for AardJam on using Unity and was completed within three days. Despite the short development time, we very enjoyed it. The game's code is also well-structured, which makes it easy to work with and modify in the future.

The objective of the game is to build a tower as high as possible. The tower grows taller each day, and the weather changes daily. Villagers spawn during sunny days, and players must keep them alive. If a player loses all villagers, they lose the game. During the night, villagers will predict the weather for the next day, and players must decide whether to ring the bell for the following day. Ringing the bell means instructing villagers to work on the tower. However, if the weather is bad, at least one villager will die. Villagers spawn during the day, build the tower during midday, and predict the weather during the night.

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